Privacy Policy

Our Promise

At Nova Studios, your privacy is our top priority. That's why we don't collect or store data on our server that can be used to identify you in any way. All persistent data is stored locally on your device.

Using the FTP Browser

At this time, we do not have an option for saving your FTP login information for quick login. Thus, we do not store any information submitted from login forms. Your input is sent directly to the target server, so we cannot see your credentials. In the future when we do support automatic logins, the credentials will be stored locally; we cannot access them.

DRD Protocol (Download Read and Destroy Protocol)

The DRD Protocol is used to describe how we hold files while they are in use for Previewing or Downloading of files/folders from a FTP server. When previewing a file from the ftp or zip file we download a tempory version of it on our server during page load for use in displaying, after which it is immediatly destroyed. When downloading a file from a ftp it is not stored but sent straight to you. When downloading (Achiving) a folder, the files within that folder are only stored whilst the server is creating the zip (Time may vary based on number of files and size) If you do not feel confortable with this, then avoid using the preview feature. This is necessary to load or download. We do not retain files otherwise.

Third Parties

However, we do use external APIs that may use your IP address in order to bring you relevant information. Currently, the only use of your IP is to determine your generalized location in order to bring you relevant weather data (you can override this by setting your own location).